Dominika Zabczyk

Is an Designer & Artist based in Sarasota

My story began in Cracow, Poland. I grew up very close to Nature. I spent most of the time outside, learning my life lessons. I was a very creative child. Building things and painting was my passion. I always loved the moment of creation. When my hands were dirty, there was a mess all around me, I was in the middle of it. 

And then that moment when from that Chaos something beautiful happened. It was always a sacred process to me. Workshops at school helped me a lot to pursue my dreams of being a Designer one day. 

My passion brought me to study Architecture and Design. That was a wonderful journey, where I found out my strength and my weaknesses. I worked a lot on my self, to be better and better. 

My desire for improvement was so huge that I spent every minute of my life doing what always wanted - be an Designer. 

When I graduated I decided to move out from Europe and seek inspiration for my work.


I've seen many places, many exciting cities, but only one stole my heart so I stayed a little longer... Sarasota.

Charmed by beautiful beaches and shores I started painting. 

It quickly became my passion.

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