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The story behind

Dominika Zabczyk is the creative mind and artist behind the DominiqArt. Based in Sarasota, Florida she created artwork inspired by Nature's textures and patterns. Having an architectural background, Dominika explores the relationship between the natural environment and sustainable, intuitive design for better living. 

Artboard 1.png

Abstract Oversized Art

Big canvases make a real difference in the space.
Oversized art is like an open portal that takes you to another dimension. 

Dominika Zabczyk_Blue Suede Shoes_ Scented Raw Canvas with Acrylic wash_16x24x$970_edited.

"Portal to another dimension"


"timeless and elegant"


Landscape Art

I grew up surrounded by Nature and developed my senses being on a fresh air, picking up flowers,  chasing the wind.
Now I like to spend my time outside, painting plein air and getting inspiration from nature for my next art pieces.

Capture the moment

palm trees.jpg

Custom Landscapes

We all have a favorite view or landscape we could look at forever. Capturing that moment on the painting is priceless. Thanks to the painting technique I developed, art looks very realistic and it's like a window to this special moment. 


"It's all about the details"


Tribute to Nature

The concept started to crystallize as I began playfully sketching on the boards. I was always inspired by nature and animals—their diversity, patterns on their bodies, vibrant colors. I knew I wanted to translate that majestic beauty and wisdom into paintings.
The limited edition collection is a reflection on how beautiful our world is and a gentle reminder that if we don’t take action, and protect them from extinction the entire ecosystems will collapse.

IMG_4160 (1).JPG

"Surfboard is the canvas"

Sustainably sourced

“I wanted boards with soul, I knew for this project I needed real boards surfed and loved by their human owners—encompassing stories and an energy that only used boards have.” 

all 4.jpg

Abstract Resin Art

My love for colors and textures inspired me to create series of abstract paintings. I use mixed media to achieve 3 dimensional effects.
Some layers are opaque and some transparent, which creates a beautiful game of shadows. 

Blue current 4.jpg

"Color and texture"

Photo Nov 01, 11 34 20 PM (1).jpg

Florida Inspired

Inspired by Florida's most beautiful beaches,
I created a collection of surfboards that captures waves, as if the boards were dipped in the ocean. 
I achieved very realistic effect thanks to many layers of resin and mix of pigments. 

"Under the palm trees"

"Dipped in the Ocean"


"All shades of blue"

Custom Surfboards

I work with a very talented local shaper to create unique and one-of-a-kind surfboards. 
When it comes to surfboards- sky is the limit. 


Deep blue

I'm obsessed about details, so I study and experiment with mediums to achieve the most realistic effects. Delicate lacing over deep blue tones is what makes it so special. 

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