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The White Tiger

The White Tiger

Tribute to Nature

This Special Edition collection I've prepared was inspired by patterns and textures in Nature.

It's a reflection about how beautiful Our World is and that soon it might become extinct and disappear.


Some animals are on the edge of extinction and if we don’t take action entire ecosystem will collapse, including us. Mother Nature created an absolutely perfect World for us, full of beautiful animals, vegetation, landscapes, everything we need to thrive. This Wonderful World can't be repeated or replaced, not by humans or machines. Our responsibility is to protect and preserve its beauty.


The surfboards I used for these paintings were rescued, I gave them a second chance to create a powerful message. Their surface is not perfect on purpose. These boards have stories, they were surfed, touched and used by humans. Now they become my canvas to portrait these astonishing creatures. The gold line is a symbol of harmony & balance between Human and Nature, an invisible bond that keeps us alive.

These Surfboards are really powerful and carry an important message:


There is One World and We are all connected. 

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