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Water Element

Water Element

Water is a part of us...

When you look at the Earth, you'll see that every civilisation started either next to the river, lake, sea or the ocean. 

It's our Fountain of Life, it nourishes us, makes our skin glow .

Water is very powerful and unpredictable, but without water life on Earth wouldn't exist. We're the only Planet, that we know of, has water. Can you imagine how special that is ? We should feel lucky, that in a whole Universe we were granted this beautiful Blue Planet. 


On this painting I wanted to show the dynamic and movement of the Water. It can be still, it can be bubbly, it can flow, it can stand, it can freeze and it can evaporate and create clouds. 


  • Medium

    Acrylic paint on canvas

  • Size

    48"x 36"

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