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Custom  Artwork

Thinking about Custom Artwork ? Loving the style, but couldn't find the size or the right color, matching your interiors ?

Scroll down to learn more about the process.



Quick chat

I love talking to my clients! To start I will ask you few questions about what are your needs.

-We will determine the size of the artwork. Based on the dimensions you give me, I will help you find the best proportions of the artwork.

-We will discuss the main theme, mood or inspiration. If you have pictures, pinterest board, colors schemes I'd love to see them! 

-You will learn about different options for painting base, such as canvas, 

wood panel, longboard, surfboard etc. 

Once I have all that information, I will send you a proposal with detailed description for the custom artwork.


Sketch & digital painting

This is very exciting part!

When you approve the proposal and place a deposit I will start working on the concept. That means thousands of sketches! I will also create a mood board with all the ideas and color schemes- that helps me organize my thoughts and crystallize the final design. 

Once I finalize the design, I will create a digital painting. It will show the general idea, color selection, painting composition.

At this point we will make our final decisions. 



The real magic starts here!

I will prepare my studio, have all my supplies handy and begin painting

for YOU. 

I will be sharing the progress on my instagram story, so go ahead and follow @dominiqart, to be a part of the creation process!

See previous artworks

Custom Artwork form

Thanks for submitting!


"I ordered my first custom artwork from DominiqArt. At first I was little bit lost, because I didn't know what to expect, but Dominika helped me understand the whole process and addressed my concerns. She was always in touch with me, sending me work progress. Very professional, talented artist. Thank you, Dominika!"


"Every time I look at Dominika's art, hanging on my wall, it reminds me the most beautiful day of my life - My Wedding on the beach.

Husband bought me an art piece for our 2nd anniversary. We're loving it!"

Anna & Chris

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